My Teaching Method
pianobenchandkeysComplete 2


I make all of these pieces out of solid cherry and maple wood in my laster engraver

  • Hands on teaching tools
  • Visual learning
  • Tactile learning
  • Breaking through barriers that
    limit musical understanding
  • Thorough knowledge of rhythm and
    composition before reading music
  • Learning how to play the piano
    away from the piano
  • Learning how to use the metronome
    by bouncing balls
  • The engineering approach to
    learning music


I print these out whenever a student needs one.

  • Theory
  • Ear training
  • Sight reading skills
  • Daily drills
  • Practice skills
  • Memorizing
  • Technical exercises

The difference between my method
And traditional methods

  • BEFORE learning to READ music, my method instructs the student to understand and count all rhythms with the metronome.
  • BEFORE learning to READ music, my method instructs the student how to compose music without the grand staff.
  • On the other hand, TRADITIONAL METHODS have the student reading music before the basics listed above are established.

The reason behind my method

  • Music is a universal language unique to itself. My approach to teaching music is similar to the
    natural process a child follows when learning how to speak and eventually read.
  • When a child learns to speak by listening to his parents and siblings speak, he naturally learns to read.
  • With my approach to learning music the student is fluent in the language of music before he starts reading music. This way when he reads music he understands it better because the process is natural and easy.