Video Lessons with Lisa

You could be playing like this in less than a year!

five easy steps in each lesson


lesson one (lessons two and on to come)

These lessons are designed to teach a beginner how to play the piano, compose music, count all rhythms, and then read music easily.  Each lesson is done through videos passed back and forth.  These online lessons are not done on Skype or Face Time, although I do offer those type of lessons as well.  

First you sign up and pay the one time enrollment fee of $400.00 on the SHOP page, which includes the The Piano Bench; Piano Bench Manual; Piano Keys Volume One; and the Lesson One Video.  Details about The Piano Bench are found on The Piano Bench page, and  in my SHOP page.   

One month of 30 minute lessons at my studio are $226.00, so you're getting a real deal!  Plus you can learn in your own home anywhere in the world without traveling to me!

sign up and pay

1. read pages 1-9, and then watch the Lesson one video

Piano Keys Vol. One is the manual we will be using in our lessons.  Be sure to read this material on pages 1-9 of this book before watching the thirty minute video because everything will make more sense that way.  Watch the video as many times as you want!

2. practice practice practice!

a.  Practice the first five Daily Drills that are listed in the front cover of Piano Keys Vol.One.

b.  Do all the homework on the pages where you see the  Pencil Play banner.

It's important to practice these drills as much as possible, so as to make these important basics automatic.  If they aren't automatic when music reading starts, there is a struggle.  We don't want that! 

3. Scan homework pages

When your homework has been completed you can scan them.  Send your scanned PDF's to my email:

I will then grade them in order to see if you're ready to go on to Lesson Two.

You will be sending  the PDF's and your video in the same email to me to evaluate and grade.  

4. Make your video

Take your time with these assignments.  Do them at your own pace.  It may take one week, or it may take up to three.  That doesn't really matter.  When you feel that you are proficient in all of these basics in Lesson One, it's time to make your video.  Be sure to include the following activities:

For Lesson One in your video include yourself doing these four things:

1.  Recite the musical alphabet forward and backward starting with an E.  Then do the same thing with a G.

2.  Have your 'helper' (the person doing the daily drills with you) do Finger Thumps with you.

3.  Have your helper do Keyboard Quiz with you.

4.  Play See Saws - both the entire stepping and skipping see saws.

5. Send me your video and PDF's

Finish your video in YouTube, then send it to me for review.  Send it to my email along with the PDF's of your homework pages.

Please send the PDF's and your video in the same email.

If I feel you are proficient in these basics, I'll let you know by email that you can then proceed to purchase Lesson Two Video for $30.00 in My Shop.  

My half hour rate in my studio is $60.00, so like I said before, you are getting a real deal!

Look how much fun it is!