Testimonials of my piano lessons

Parent of a student

“I was looking for a high quality piano instructor for our two children.  Having played piano competitively growing up and in college, I understand the importance of not just playing the piano but also understanding music theory.  I wanted a teacher who could teach our children both aspects of the instrument.  I am impressed with the instruction and progress our kids have made with Lisa.  What stands out to me more than anything, however, is Lisa’s kindness with our children.  She has that special combination of technical expertise and warmly relating to children that have made her the perfect teacher for our kids.”


Parents of their students

“I am always impressed with how Lisa strikes the perfect balance between making music fun while also holding a high standard of technique and artistry.”

Jesse S.

"Nathaniel attended piano lessons for 11 years. Under Lisa's tutelage, music became a passion for him and a primary means of expression. Lisa guided him from Bartok to composing his own music. Like any growing kid, he had enthusiasms that waxed and waned, but he never stopped looking forward to his lesson with Lisa."

Ron. K.

Parents of their students

I have been pleasantly surprised that my daughter has not only learned to read notes, but has a real sense of tempo.  I attribute that sense for timing to Lisa's unique curriculum. 

Elizabeth J.

We have been doing lessons with Lisa for 5 years, and she makes piano lessons fun while also expects progress and learning from my kids.  My kids love her range of music (one prefers classical composers, another prefers Russian composers).  I never thought after 4 years of lessons, my son would be playing Chopin!

Angela N.

Parent of a student

"Christopher always wants to go to piano lessons, never complains- Thank you, Lisa!"


Adult students

As an adult beginner on guitar, Lisa has been patient and understanding with my long, slow learning curve. She's also flexible with rescheduling around life's interruptions!

Diane, Retiree

Upon my retirement, I began taking flute from Lisa after a 40 year hiatus. She has worked patiently with me for more than 3 years to improve my skills and help me learn how to read music. Hunt, Retiree

Parent of a student

Lisa Wold has created a unique teaching method that truly engages kids.  Our daughter learned piano so quickly and loves her piano lessons!

Susan F.